8 Ways to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Resolution


With Christmas now over, people are starting to set their resolutions for the New Year. The biggest resolutions of 2016 was to lose weight and exercise more, however, only 8% of these were successfully achieved. Learn how you can reach your fitness goals in the New Year with these 8 tips.

1. Set milestones

Although you may have a particular long term goal in mind, setting smaller and more achievable milestones is a great way to stay motivated as you are encouraged to keep moving forward as you see results. For example, if you have a long term goal to lose 15kg, set a smaller milestone to lose 3kg over a few weeks, then you can aim to lose a further 3kg, until you have met your overall goal.


2. Enjoy it

If you find running on a treadmill for hours tedious, try experimenting with different exercises until you find something that you really enjoy; this could be a new class such as spinning, or a new weight training programme to follow. Equally vary your workouts from one day to the next so you are unlikely to find training a chore and entice you to give up.


 3. Follow a programme

Following a workout programme specifically designed for your goals is a great way to keep on track by giving you ideas for new exercises and making sure you are never uncertain what to do; you are also more likely to stay motivated by seeing regular progression such as weekly decreasing the time to run 5K or gradually increasing a certain lift. Websites such as bodybuilding.com have many free programmes available or if you would prefer a more personalised programme, then get in touch with a personal trainer who can create you one.


4. Bring a friend

Having a friend to train with will make going to the gym fun; you will be more motivated, your workouts can be enjoyable and social, and it will encourage friendly competition. All of which can speed up results.


5. Treat yourself

This doesn’t mean go crazy, but don’t be afraid to reward yourself for your hard work. Allow yourself to have one cheat meal a week as this is a great way to reduce cravings, making it less likely that you’ll cheat on another day. And don't worry, this will not make a substantial difference to your overall result!


6. Track your calories

The only way to lose weight is by eating less calories than your body needs to maintain. By tracking your calories you are in control of your diet, you know exactly what you can and can’t fit into your diet for the reminder of the day. Follow the link to find out how you can lose weight, while still eating the foods you love, with calorie counting.


7. Take Progress Pictures

As you see yourself every day, it can be difficult to notice the gradual changes that your body makes. This can be demotivating as you may not feel like you’re making any progress when in fact you are. By taking a progress picture once a month you can see how far you have come since you first started training.


8. Ask for help

If you are still confused on what you should be doing or would like to be shown a certain exercise, then don’t be afraid to ask a trainer for help – that’s what they are there for.


If you would like any further information, then please don’t hesitate to send me message and I will be happy to help you out.