Client: "Do I really have to track fruit?!"

Me: “Yes.”

This is a conversation I have far too often with my clients. Fruit contains tons of micronutrients which are great for your overall health, however that doesn’t mean fruit is calorie free!

When I was going through one of my client’s food diary, I asked him if he had tracked everything he had eaten and drank for that day. He replied with "No, I also had 2 bananas and a pint of orange juice."

That results in 487 calories!

I have him eating at a deficit of 500 calories of his maintenance. If he continued to eat those 2 bananas and drink a pint of orange juice every day without tracking it, his weight loss would have quickly stalled.

So in short, yes fruit can make you fat but only if you eat more of it than your body needs to maintain its current weight. It’s no different to any other food.

Does that mean you should stop eating fruit?

Definitely not! Like previously stated, fruit contains a bunch of micronutrients which are vital for keeping you running at top form. Many fruits are also high in soluble fibre, which can help prevent heart disease, keeps you fuller for longer, helps aid the digestion process, and can help reduce cholesterol levels.

So keep eating fruit, but remember it's important to track everything & be as accurate as possible to get the best results with your weight loss!