Matt Weir

"Tom has been the catalyst for a positive change in my approach to health and fitness. The results I'm seeing continue to come thick and fast. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but he is always on hand to answer questions and help in anyway he can (even when he is meant to be on holiday). If you're looking for a trainer who is engaging, motivating and passionate about what he does then I'd have no hesitations in recommending Tom.*"

Newcastle Personal Trainer

Hannah Ashworth

"Tom works me to my limits every session whilst picking me up on my form and technique. Would highly recommend to anyone."

Newcastle Personal Trainer

Ali Ulker

"I had never stepped foot in a gym until I started using Tom as my personal trainer. I was 150 KG and the simplest thing like going up the stairs would cause problems for me. Even though I wanted to lose weight, I couldn't. I just had no motivation and I had no idea how to lose weight. Tom gave me the necessary support and encouragement to make going to the gym a part of my daily routine. I followed his expert nutritional advice and training program and I'm now 110kg! Every month I'm getting closer to my goal weight, as well as building strength. When I first started I could barely squat 40kg, now I can do 160kg squats with ease thanks to Tom's programming. Training with Tom has changed my life for the better*."

Tynemouth Personal Trainer

Gary Matfin

"I've been training with Tom for just over a month now and the results are amazing. Thanks to his advice, knowledge and his drive he is pushing me to get results I've dreamed of and doing exercises I've never done. Tom really gives you a lot of confidence when you are struggling and helps you find that last bit of power to finish it off. So if you looking for a PT then he is your man!*"

Tynemouth Personal Trainer

Andy Cowgill

"When I started training with Tom 11 months ago I struggled to deadlift 60kg. Last night I lifted 190kg. Good trainer; top bloke*."

Chester le street personal trainer

Kelvin Stevenson

"I had been on and I off in the gym for a long time before I met Tom. I had never been able to stick to a routine and I wasn't really making progress. Fast forward 3 months and my personal best lifts are soaring. I have increased my strength, fitness and most importantly my confidence. If you have a goal in mind but you're unsure how to achieve it then Tom is the perfect guy for you."*

Tynemouth personal trainer

Donovan Saw

"Tom has been absolutely brilliant in motivating me to push myself to greater heights. During each and every exercise he pays great attention to ensuring that exercises are done right. While he pushes and demands, he also keeps a watchful eye to ensure safety and never fails to make me as a client feel at ease.*"

Tynemouth personal trainer

John Bintu

"Tom has an incredible wealth of  knowledge about training. He is able to tailor training sessions to meet individual needs, and will only get you to do effective and purposeful exercises, in order to gain the best possible results without wasting your time*."

Durham personal trainer

Faustinno Sbst

"Tom is a personal trainer that takes care of your fitness from A-Z! I've had personal trainers in the past but Tom is by far the only personal trainer I have got results from. Highly recommended!"*

personal trainer in Durham

Bobby Parry

"Great guy; great trainer. Highly recommend Tom to anyone who enjoys a good laugh while they train, but also wants to be pushed and exercise at a level of intensity that’s higher than what you’re currently doing!"*

Tynemouth personal trainer

Obad Saleh

"I trained with Tom for a month and made some amazing improvements to all my lifts. I was struggling with my bench (80KG at the start), with Tom's help and the workout program he gave me I manged to hit 100KG on the bench in a month's time which is beyond amazing! He also helped me on my squat and deadlift form and I manged to hit PR's in both (210KG and 120KG). One on One sessions have helped me a lot work on my form and with Tom's guidance and help I achieved some great results in such a short period of time. Highly Recommended!*"

Tynemouth Personal Trainer

Garren Chan

"Amazing personal trainer. I had no clue about body building and Tom showed me the ropes to the most important fundamental exercises of power lifting - my squats and deadlifts have more than DOUBLED in my first month. My goals were to have a stronger lower body - back and legs, Tom helped me achieve great results, regardless of having back and knee injuries!
This trainer trains you at YOUR pace and still gets you the results you deserve, as long as you devote yourself to the gym and diet guidelines he personally designs for you. If you're new to the gym or am looking to train injury-free then you should definitely give his sessions a try, you won't regret it!*"

Personal trainer in tynemouth

Andy Myers

"Since I first started training with Tom, I can see how much progress I have made in such a short time. He works with you one on one looks at your strengths and weaknesses and works on them, he really pushes you to achieve your goals, looking forward to keep training. I would defiantly recommend him."*

Durham personal trainer

Sam Moody

"Tom has been a brilliant personal trainer, motivating me and pushing me to achieve the best I can out of our sessions. He is approachable and friendly, and if you are a complete novice with diet and weight training like myself, he is a very patient teacher. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the way they look and feel - you won't be disappointed!"*

Tyne & wear

Adam Fee

"Pushes me way past my 'limit', making me do way more than I ever first believe I can. Nerd on the nutrition side too, which is good. Knows his stuff. Uber nice person too. Highly recommend."*

Fitness Trainer in Durham

Jun Tao Chan

"Since training with Tom my sporting performance, in both badminton and boxing has improved drastically and my fitness is on an onward and upward spiral. Cheers Tom!"*

Chester le street personal trainer

Israel Burrows

"Really helped me out with mobility and  weight loss. Would highly recommend to anyone."*

Chester le street fitness trainer

Andy He

"I've been training with Tom for just over a year, and the results have been amazing. My t-shirt size has gone from being xl, to medium - something I never thought would be possible!"*

Fitness trainer in newcastle

Leigh Kennedy

"Great Personal Trainer, Pushes you to the Limits. Very recommendable."